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L’dor va’dor – from generation to generation

Following the spirit of her husband, Stephen, and deeply inspired by the entire Kanee clan, in particular, Sam, Rose, Sol and Florence Kanee who passed on their values of commitment to community and Jewish life to their family, MaryAnn Lippay Kanee continues the tradition of social responsibility and generous philanthropic endeavours. In memory of Stephen and the entire Kanee family, MaryAnn endeavours to establish an endowment fund to revive the Judaic Studies program at the University of Manitoba.

The Judaic Studies Endowment Fund will be used to support instruction and courses based in the Judaic Studies Program that relate to the languages of the Jewish People (e.g. Hebrew, Yiddish, etc.) and courses with Jewish content.

Judaic Studies at the University of Manitoba has the distinction of being the first program of its kind in Canada, originally founded in 1950. Judaic Studies is a vibrant, growing academic field, and with your help we can set the program on the path to growth and success.

The Jewish community in Manitoba has been an integral part of this province’s history and provided support for the program in its early years. At one time, the department boasted three full-time faculty members dedicated to the curriculum, providing a B.A., M.A. and Ph.D. Currently, the program offers a B.A. minor in Judaic Studies. It is our goal, with support from students and the public, to grow the program and begin to offer a Degree Major in Judaic Studies again, with dedicated full-time faculty. At the moment, Manitobans are underserved in the field of Judaic Studies.

(1922) Talmud Torah class with Mr. Kowalson. Provided by: The Jewish Heritage Centre of Western Canada

The Judaic Studies program at the University of Manitoba promotes the study of Jewish civilization, of Jewish religious expressions and traditions, and of Jewish cultural, social, and political formations and movements in all their variety. The program supports teaching and research on Jewish life and Judaism from the Biblical period to the twenty-first century, in all parts of the world where Jews have lived. One of the strengths of the program is that it provides a venue where members of different religions can come together, learn about each other and their common interests, and cultivate a culture of understanding and respect.

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A message from Maryann Lippay Kanee

There are so many reasons why a Judaic studies program is valuable --- to any university, in any city in Canada or the USA. But this is Winnipeg, so the program is not just valuable, it's essential.

I think of this as honoring all of the Winnipeg community. Like so many others, Stephen's grandparents, Rose and Sam Kanee, came with nothing but their dreams and hard work and helped create the fabric of this community that now holds us in its comforting embrace.

Yes, the Kanee family story is colorful and unique, yet it's woven with the same threads that run through so many Winnipeg family stories.

My husband, Stephen, loved Winnipeg.  He was proud to come from the middle of Canada, surrounded by black prairie dirt producing rich and abundant crops.

That sheltering prairie, simultaneously isolating and nurturing, grew Winnipeg to a city of independence, leadership, expansive creativity and diversity.

For his entire life, Stephen expressed the gratitude he felt, not only for his loving parents, Sol and Florence, his grandparents and extended family, but for being a child of the Winnipeg community. In later years, the more he traveled, the more he understood how fortunate he was to grow up in Winnipeg.


We in the Winnipeg Jewish community heavily support a Jewish-oriented educational system until the end of high school through Gray Academy of Jewish Education - where all of my four children have gone. If we want our children to be able to continue to learn and enrich their Jewish identity on the university level, we must have a vibrant Judaic Studies Program at the University of Manitoba. If we as a program don't exist, we will be a much poorer university society and we will be doing a disservice to the next generation of students.

- Haskel Greenfield, Distinguished Professor and Judaic Studies Program Coordinator

Faculty of Arts 2019-2020 - Course Offerings
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Representations of the Holocaust
Modern Hebrew Literature
History of Anti-Semitism and the Holocaust
German and German - Jewish History, 1618 to the Present
Contemporary Israel
Love, Death and Afterlives: Yiddish Culture in Pre-World War II Eastern Europe
Hebrew Bible (Tanakh/"old Testament")
Hebrew 1