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UFOs in Canada archival fund

Chris Rutkowski is the preeminent ufologist in Canada, and well recognized as an expert internationally. He began collecting individual accounts of encounters or sightings with UFOs in Canada in 1975. A year later he began writing and publishing his investigations and research and to date has published ten books on UFOs and related phenomena, focusing in the Canadian experience. He has made his voluminous collection of photos, research notes, reports, publications, zines, and other documents available to the public for the first time by donating his records to the University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections. This will mean that others can re-examine firsthand accounts of these mysterious phenomena and study the locations where they have been encountered, when and how often these reports have been made, and so on. The aim of The UFOs in Canada Archival Fund is to establish an ongoing fund that would in the first instance make sure that the records are quickly made available with appropriate online descriptions, and preserve the records, and then in future to scan selected documents and put them online so that people can study them without having to come to the University of Manitoba.

The need

In order to provide thorough online descriptions of these records, and to look towards scanning select documents, the total funds required would be $25,000 to establish an endowment. This endowment will then provide yearly income that can be used in perpetuity to support this important collection. If only 500 people would be willing to donate $50 we would reach our goal. Of course, any donation is appreciated! A tax-deductible receipt will be provided for all donations over $18.

Another way to help is to share this page personally and/or through social media with family, friends and colleagues who share our views regarding the importance of reconciliation.





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