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The Majengo Clinic

The Majengo clinic lies in the heart of the Pumwani slum in Nairobi Kenya. The clinic was established in 1984 by Frank Plummer (U of Manitoba) and Elizabeth Ngugi (U of Nairobi) to provide services to female sex workers who were experiencing a high burden of sexually transmitted infections. The Majengo clinic has been the site of many important research findings over the past 35 years, and today the clinic provides HIV prevention and treatment services to more than 5000 sex workers (3,200 of whom are enrolled in research studies). As Canadian research funds cannot be spent on physical infrastructure improvements, the Majengo clinic has deteriorated over the years. Jude Zieske, an administrator in U of M’s Dept of Medical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases, visited the clinic in Nov 2019 and has initiated a fundraising campaign to begin repairs to the clinic. In January 2020, Frank Plummer returned to Nairobi and felt tremendous joy reconnecting with women from the Majengo clinic 35 years later. With the tragic and devastating passing of Frank Plummer in Feb 2020, his family members have suggested that donations in Frank’s memory to the Majengo Clinic fundraiser would be appreciated.

Your donations will directly support the repair and improvement of the infrastructure of the Majengo clinic.  Infrastructure will include physical (first priority) as well as data management and human resources.


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