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WISE Kid-Netic Energy

We are a not-for-profit outreach program dedicated to increase youth participation in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) fields. Annually, we engage over 30,000 youth throughout Manitoba through in-school workshops, summer camps, extracurricular clubs and other events.


We focus in particular on reaching youth who may have additional barriers to STEM engagement. We have developed different programs specific to girls, as well as Indigenous and inner-city youth. Our Adopt-A-Class program is one such example. It came about when, a number of years ago, we noticed that some inner-city teachers were writing personal cheques for our classroom services, and that didn’t sit well with us. Wherever possible, we try to offer our programs free of charge, or at least at a low cost to the participant. Our in-school workshops are normally offered for a small nominal fee for the school, to help us with costs associated with transportation, supplies, and instructor wages.


We reached out to groups serving youth like Boys and Girls Club of Winnipeg, and the Faculty of Engineering’s Access Program (ENGAP). Together we designed the Adopt-a-Class program. Over the past seven years we have raised funds to deliver 782 workshops to 16,991 youth in 20 inner-city schools, free of charge.


Our funding sources vary annually, and are often short-term, so we are reaching out to you for your assistance to continue the Adopt-A-Class program. For every $50 donated, we would be able to offer one free workshop to a deserving school. Our goal of $5000 would support 100 workshops being delivered.


This program is adored by administrators, teachers, and most importantly students. We know our services are needed, and we want to continue delivering.




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