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The Carman field equipment facility

For those of you who know Don Flaten or Alvin Iverson personally, you can attest to their warmth and true concern for our students, friends and colleagues. Many of us have been privileged to know Alvin or Don in one way or another, and so what better way to honour their deep impact on the Faculty and Manitoba’s agricultural community than to support a project they are passionate about.

The need

The Ian N. Morrison Research Farm located in Carman, Manitoba, has been an important home to many of the Faculty’s education programs, research trials, and outreach activities. However, the Research Farm has a critical shortage of space to properly store essential field research equipment.  Don and Alvin have expressed their support for a new machinery storage building to address this fundamental need.  The Carman Field Equipment Facility will sustain the crop production programs of researchers, graduate students, trainees and research collaborators across multiple disciplines, to ensure that they can continue to apply their research to real world challenges under field conditions.

Your support of this project will ensure that we can make Alvin’s and Don’s dream a reality. And to ensure your gift has an even more powerful effect, every dollar you donate will be matched 2:1 by the Faculty up to the campaign target of $50,000.  In addition, we are working to secure an industry partner whose support of this infrastructure will multiply your donation even further.

Your contribution will directly enhance agronomic training, research and service in support of Manitoba’s agri-food sector, and will help us celebrate our friends, mentors, and colleagues, Don and Alvin.

Another way you can help is to share this page personally, and/or through social media with family, friends, and colleagues.


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